Root canal treatment, often called a root canal, is an endodontic treatment that focuses on treating and healing infections and decay that occur in the inner portion of your tooth, which holds your dental pulp and tooth nerves. These sorts of infections can be very painful and eventually cause tooth loss. To save your smile, Dr. Christina Sehy VerSchave provides root canal treatment for patients of all ages.

Contrary to popular belief, root canal treatment does not have to be painful. In fact, we take every measure possible to ensure you have a comfortable, positive experience each time you visit our office. We numb the tooth and the surrounding area before gently opening the tooth. All decayed and infected dental pulp is removed and the inside of your tooth is cleaned. It is then filled with an inert material and sealed.

A root canal in Lakewood, Colorado, can normally be completed in just one or two visits to our dental office. If you have a severe toothache or tooth sensitivity that makes it difficult to eat and drink, you may be in need of a root canal. Please contact our dentist at Belmar Smiles today at (303) 935-3574 to schedule a time to receive the gentle, effective dental care you deserve.