A dental bridge in Lakewood, Colorado, is a fixed restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth while maintaining a natural appearance. A fixed restoration is one that is permanent and stays in the mouth rather than being removable. Multiple forms of dental bridges are available based on your individual needs and which teeth need to be replaced. Dr. Christina Sehy VerSchave of Belmar Smiles will work together with you to determine which type of dental bridge will be best for your smile.

Most dental bridges are made from crowns that are placed on the teeth on either side of the empty space and connected to a fake tooth known as a pontic, which fills the empty space. We also have dental bridges that can use metal claps, which is the usual suggestion when replacing your front teeth. Each dental bridge we make is custom crafted from detailed specifications gathered during your consultation and examination.

Dental bridges not only replace missing teeth, but improve your ability to chew and speak properly as well. They also prevent the natural teeth from shifting out of place, causing further complications. To learn about these benefits and more, contact us today at (303) 935-3574 to schedule your appointment with our dentist. We look forward to helping you love your smile again.