What Causes Bad Breath?

There’s no single answer, but advanced gum disease is a primary culprit because bacteria can gather in pockets that form around the teeth, releasing unpleasant odors. Even before serious gum disease sets in, poor oral hygiene can contribute to this social embarrassment. Onions, garlic, and similar foods can also cause bad breath by releasing oils… Read more »

Smile Enhancement

Do you like the color of your teeth? Are your teeth straight? Are your two middle upper front teeth longer the adjacent teeth? Are your teeth free of dis colored areas? If your front teeth have fillings, do they match the color of your teeth? Are you pleased with the appearance of the fillings in… Read more »

Saliva – Your Mouth’s “Water of Life”

Something you may take for granted in your mouth is saliva. Once you realize its critical role in your health and comfort, you may never take it for granted again. Saliva is a slightly alkaline secretion form your salivary glands that is 99% water. Saliva’s three main functions are protection of the tooth structure, lubrication… Read more »